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Financing comes from capital, and capital is the engine that drives the idea into phase one of a project, but capital should not be restricted to only money. Money is simply a practical instrument to buy the goods and services that an idea needs to become real and successful in the market place. However, more often than not what happens, is that nothing happens. Normally, due to lack of capital to purchase the goods and services needed to take an idea to the next phase, the project phase.

We understand Venture Capitalists still exist, and definitely can still be useful, but the compass has changed in these markets and IDEAS such as the Crowdfunding model have taken over. Nature knows best and for better or for worse we are in a new era of doing things and technology is making it all happen at the fastest possible rate. We ourselves, all are capital, whether through labor and expertise or the supply of tangible goods like materials and equipment that may be needed to complete a project. We all must invest and take risk, even if only on a small scale. As wealth will not come to be realized without such risk and investment by each and every one of us.

What we are proposing is to create a business model that facilitates the gap and solves all catch 22’s, while offering rewards like structure and protection. A model where people and ideas can grow and generate wealth to benefit everyone as a whole. It’s a big idea that is well within our grasp. If we can build nuclear weapons to risk and possibly assure our own destruction, we can certainly create the means whereby we do the opposite and make the world a safer and more equitable place. It's about time that we all evolve, adapt and make the leap together into this new free market. We can make it happen all on our own, if we so choose.

Here are some ideas as to how we can make this happen:

- Crowdfunding

- Venture Capital

- Trade of Services

- Sharing of Resources or Facilities

- Alliance of Businesses

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