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What is an Idea?

A light bulb going off in your head? Sort of, but more likely, it’s the most powerful and creative force in the Universe. Consider this, everything we know and experience in life came after an idea, other than the universe itself of course. All that ‘is’ in this world had a ‘before idea’ and an ‘after idea’. Ideas could possibly be the most amazing commodities that the world has ever and will ever know. Many ideas have been on the verge of changing, if not actually changed, the entire world within their time on Earth, or even after sometimes.

Social Media, for better or worse depending on whom you speak to, completely changed the world in ways we could have never imagined before its success. Even Steve Jobs and Apple for example, as Jobs almost single handily rearranged the computer industry, as well as the world, as a whole. These are just a few of the success stories born from individuals with ideas, though sadly not all ideas are good enough to become successful. Even more probable, the fact that most ideas aren’t ever realized and never even see the light of day, whether it be because of lack of capital or a shortage of expertise.

Ideas themselves are worthless when they sit inside your head, and although protecting your ideas are important, not exercising an idea because of fear of it being stolen is not the answer either. Not everyone has within them the attributes or abilities to give their ideas life, and so they seek the help and expertise that they need. Others never see or realize their own potential and many what-could-be ‘great’ ideas go to waste...

What we at DIGITAL FUSION INC are proposing is that through the sharing of ideas, and matching of needs and services, we can all collectively change the world on our own terms. By basically enabling the Steve Jobs within each of us, and with that, invigorate and create a new economy of our own. Network building and sharing are the veins through which ideas flow, the matching of people with the ideas is where things begin to happen and capital funding is the engine that gets everything moving. We at DFI will provide the legal and corporate protection it takes, as well as any resources it takes to put yours and our IDEAS IN MOTION!!!

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