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Hints and Tips

  • Conserve ammunition always. There is a limited amount available.
  • Pay attention to target priorities. This may not seem important in early levels, but those early levels are good practice for later ones.

System Requirements

    The following is a description of the minimum system requirements. If your system does not meet or exceed these requirements, then the game will run incorrectly, or not at all.

    • IBM PC or 100% compatible computer
    • Pentium II-350 MHz or faster processor
    • 64 MB RAM
    • 90 MB available hard drive space
    • 8X or faster CD-ROM drive
    • 16 MB Direct3D-compatible video card*
    • Windows 95 or 98 compatible sound card*

* Compatible with DirectX version 8.0a or higher

DirectX Installation

    This game requires that Microsoft's DirectX version 8.0a be installed on your computer prior to playing the game.

    If you do not already have DirectX version 8.0a or higher installed on your machine, or you need to reinstall for any reason, just follow these steps:
    • Get the latest drivers go to:
    • Download the latest driver/s
    • RIGHT click on the game icon.
    • LEFT click on "Open".
    • Double click the "DirectX" folder.
    • Once downloaded double click the Dxsetup.exe icon.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
    • Ignore any warnings you may receive by clicking on YES.
    • Restart Windows to complete the installation.

    WARNING: While DirectX 8.0a should be able to determine what version of DirectX currently resides on a system and halt the installation if it deems it to be harmful or unnecessary, you should not attempt to install DirectX 8.0a on a Windows system running a more recent version of DirectX.


    "My game wont run."

    • "Run the game in compatibility mode windows xp service pack 3"

    "My Game wont run in compatibility mode using windows service pack 3"

    • Run the game in compatibility mode windows 2000

    "My game still wont run"

    • Run the game.exe from the steam common apps folder in compatibility mode and with administrator permission.

    Sound Problems

    "I can't hear any sound or music in the game."

    • First, check your speakers to make sure that they are turned on, connected properly to the rest of the system, and that the volume controls are turned up. If they are, then check your windows volume controls by clicking on the small yellow speaker icon on your taskbar.
    • If you have already tried the solutions above and still can't hear sound, then you'll need to update your sound card drivers to the latest versions available.

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