Gene Kong

NEW YORK CITY was a rough town back in the 80's, 42nd Street was still 42nd Street, not Disney World, and crime and decay were just part of the city's "charm". Before Rudy Giuliani was ever the Mayor of New York and when Bernhard Goetz, the infamous “subway vigilante” was still loose on the streets.

GENE KONG is the not so ordinary tale of Eugene 'Gene' Wong, a night employee at a Biogenetics Lab downtown. Sick of the degenerates and all of the crime that has taken over NYC, Gene dreams of the day that he can finally clean up his city.

As a Biogenetic Engineer, Gene performs secret experiments far beyond the capabilities of his colleagues behind closed doors at the lab after finishing his regular duties. Since he was of small stature with next to no fighting skills, he decided he needed to take things into his own hands. Gene had the idea to inject himself with the altered DNA of a gorilla, but as time goes on nothing physically seems to be happening to him...

...until one fateful night shortly after some hoodlums begin to accost Gene and a new female acquaintance, his anger ignites the Frankenstein-like gorilla chemicals into action, and from then on let the underworld of the city beware!


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